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“All languages are taught through what I refer to as Linguistic Aerobics. The moment you step in my class, you start talking the foreign language that you want to master. Language is above all based on communication and the desire for communication. Such a desire is created through everyday scenes acted out between the teacher and the student. Repeat, repeat, repeat ... respond, respond, respond ... Each lesson is a dialogue about what is seen around you, what is connected with your life and  your future travels. 25% of the lesson is grammar and 75% is conversation.


A lot of pictures are used to help the student converse.


All the lessons are customized and taped for every day use.  It is a very dynamic, intensive, theatrical, entertaining approach. Usually students are about half way to fluency after six months of instruction. It is OK to make mistakes, just talk, talk, talk …” – Jacqueline Hahn


Learn more by reading the Hands-on Language article published about Jacqueline’s unique approach to teaching languages in the Daily Pilot newspaper.




French, Spanish, Italian, German and English as a Second Language. 


View sample pages from
Entre Vous et Moi. Practical French for Beginners and Travelers written by Jacqueline.

View sample pages from
Entre Nostros. Practical and Comprehensive Spanish Dialogues for Immediate Fluency also written by Jacqueline.


All classes are taught in Newport Beach, California  as well as FaceTime, Skype and Zoom.




Classes are offered days, evenings and weekends.  



Rates vary depending on the frequency of weekly lessons and the number of students.  Please contact Jacqueline for a quote.



Classes are offered for students of all ages! Jacqueline has had very good results with children.



"My experience with Jacqueline has been so fabulous that it is beyond words.  When I started Italian with her I knew immediately that the method that she was using would work.  I was fluent in Italian some 30 years ago and lost almost everything I learned.  Through her "Language Aerobics" I was able to start communicating almost immediately.  I was reading Italian and could comprehend almost everything again.  She was able to bring the language back to me within a month or two of practice.  I am continuing my Italian and taking it to the next level with great ease.


My husband and I are also taking Spanish together at the same time, as she is preparing us for a wine trip to Spain.  He does not have a second language and is progressing quite quickly, again because of the "Language Aerobics" approach.


Mille Grazie and Muchas Gracias Jacqueline for everything!"


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