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Jacqueline Hahn is an award-winning teacher, translator and linguistics and cultural expert specializing in continental art history, social mores, philosophy and literature. Her lectures are prized for the unique way in which she translates centuries of rich European history into consumable pieces of key information, and with an infectious enthusiasm and humor that makes the subject fun for anyone.
Ms. Hahn's education and expertise are steeped in European tradition.  After receiving two Master’s degrees in Comparative Literature and English from the University of Grenoble, France, she taught at the Preston Manor County School while studying phonetics and linguistics at London University.  She later returned to Paris, where she taught English for eleven years as a tenured professor. After moving to California, she studied and taught at the University of California Irvine, where she received the "Distinguished Instructor" award for outstanding pedagogy.  It was during this time that she began traveling extensively; devoting herself to art history, geographical and historical destinations while accumulating in over 300 slides some of the most electrifying natural and cultural treasures of the world.
Ms. Hahn is the author of three published books: two language textbooks in French and Spanish, and one cookbook, Moroccan Cuisine. Her unique approach to teaching foreign languages has been written about in the Daily Pilot newspaper in an article titled
Hands-on Language by Ella Powers.

Her polished lecture style, her fluency in four languages and her extensive travel and research into continental destinations makes her uniquely qualified to guide people of all ages and backgrounds into the world of today, and the history that defines it.

Jacqueline has a long history of involvement in the creative arts as a seamstress, poet and painter. See Jacqueline's paintings:

Painting of Jacqueline on the left by Marina Pavlovich.

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